Show your kids how to build the skills they need to succeed in school and life.

Komo's Framework for Academic Management (FAM)© is an online, structured system for skill-building through school work. It shows students how to take control over their learning and achievement, and empowers parents with proven, step-by-step strategies for helping their children reach their potential.

Who is it for?

This is for parents of middle school, high school and college kids who:

  • Want their kids to learn HOW to learn and build skills they need to succeed in life.

  • Wish they could create more positive household dynamics around learning and achievement.

  • Want peace of mind knowing that their kids have the problem-solving abilities, resourcefulness and resilience to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

  • Are motivated to introduce or reinforce a culture of skill-building and lifelong learning in their homes.

  • Want to make the most out of COVID-19 by setting up an ironclad foundation for student success and lifelong learning.

How do we help you?

We provide a world-class system and strategies that develop students into confident thinkers, while equipping parents with the tools they need to support their kids' learning and achievement. This includes:

  • Trainings - learn the exact steps for mastering every academic task (tests, essays, research, note taking and so much more).

  • Resource library - a bank of complementary resources that expand on foundational trainings, deepen your understanding of skill-building and solidify your family's learning and growth.

  • Parent Portal - regardless of the struggles or fears you've had with your kids' learning and achievement, you're not alone. Learn in a non-judgemental space about what works and what doesn't for parents committed to helping their kids be their best selves.

  • Student-only FAM Community & Help Desk - this is where kids can ask questions, share wins, and gain a sense of solidarity by learning from and with kids just like them.

  • Parent-only FAM Community & Help Desk - a support network created as a space to share concerns, insights and successes with like-minded parents.

  • 1 parent support call/week - a weekly group Q&A call with founder, Kelsey Komorowski.

  • 1 student support call/week - we help with accountability and motivation in this weekly group Q&A call.

  • Live coaching from world-class experts to help supercharge learning, achievement and well-being in your home. Recent examples include resume building from a Director at Columbia Business School and Social-Emotional Learning coaching from an award-winning educator and digital behavior coach.

How does this work exactly?

Our subscription model means you're working with industry-leading professionals at a (tiny) fraction of what it would otherwise cost to access their services. 

What your child learns will transform them. It will improve their relationship with school and learning, and the way they think about themselves as a thinker, communicator and time manager. 

Save money on tutors and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm while gaining skill-building and lifelong learning strategies for the whole family.

Student success and collaborative, high-impact family learning has never been so accessible. 

Check out what other students have to say us about here, or visit our website here for case studies and student interviews.

Why should every family have a FAM?

Listen here to get an idea of what parents like best within the first couple of weeks using their FAM.

Listen here to learn more about how students feel when they start using their FAM. 

What do parents like best about their FAM?

  • Clarity

    "It got my kids and I on the same page. The FAM lays out what to do, and then you have Kelsey and her team in your corner to make it work for YOU."

  • Peace of mind

    "Hearing my kids talk about the skills they're developing - and seeing them actually use them - makes me feel a lot better about their ability to stand on their own two feet as school and life get harder."

  • Holistic growth

    Your kids will get better grades using the FAM, but it's about a lot more than just grades - the FAM uses school work as a vehicle to explicitly build out the skills that facilitate lifelong personal, academic and professional success.

  • No Judgement

    For many parents, there's a sense of shame or embarrassment in not being able to help their kids. This is a safe space where our focus is to help you feel empowered and supported.

What do students like best about their FAM?

  • "It gets my parents off my back"

    True story. A lot of kids tell us their parents nag them less.

  • A step-by-step system that works

    "I'm a good student and I didn't know to do a lot of these things, and I guarantee you 99% of students aren't doing any of this."

  • Relief and worthiness

    "I feel smart for the first time in a long time."

  • Confidence

    The FAM is used and reused throughout the student journey, from middle school to college. Students are prepared with simple strategies for doing their best at any age or stage.


Student success and world-class learning support has never been so accessible.

  • $299.00

    One-time payment for access until June 30, with your first week on us.

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  • $125.00 / month with 7 day free trial

    12-month subscription

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  • How do I know this will work for my child?

    Our model was shaped through 5 years of intensive R&D, tested on thousands of learners with diverse profiles and enrolled in varied curricula. It is data-driven and designed to work for every learner who puts in the work, including individuals with assorted learning differences (ADD/ADHD, dysgraphia, ASD, hearing impairment, varied spatial and processing disorders, etc.). The FAM is based on universal principles of student success - they apply to, and can be learned by, every student.

  • What if I don't know if my child will do this or put in the work?

    Nobody likes being confused, stressed or at a loss of how to feel smart and capable. We've found that most kids want to do and feel their best, inside and outside of school. A lot of students resist the idea at first but come around because they start feeling more confident and in control. And once they realize that learning doesn't have to be a struggle, they're on board. So long as they are open (even a little bit) to learning how to learn, they deserve the chance to do so.

  • I want my kids to build their skill set, but they don't want to.

    Some kids flat out refuse to engage, and we can't do anything to change that right in this moment. What we can do, however, is help you better understand skill-building and academic achievement. If your child is not open to this right now, you can still learn the logic of skill-building and help foster the conditions that help with student buy-in.

  • Will it be on me to deliver trainings to my kids? That seems like a lot of extra work and they hear anything I say as nagging anyway.

    The trainings are pre-recorded and interactive, and relieve you from being the one to try to teach your kids how to learn or do well in school. Many parents have shared that it went from it being them AGAINST their kids with school, to a collaborative learning experience WITH their kids. You can be as involved (or not) as you like, and the relationships and dynamics in skill-building are fluid. We're here to help you find the right balance to start with and as you and your child progress.

  • How does the delivery work and how is it structured?

    The trainings, resource library and parent portal are all housed on a learning management system (LMS) called Thinkific. You'll get an e-mail from Thinkific upon enrolling that invites you to set up your user name and password. There is an initial 10-week program to get you set up for success and seeing results FAST, with subsequent time devoted to reinforcing the foundational pillars of learning and achievement for your child. We are dedicated to helping families create genuine, meaningful change and we give you the support - trainings, weekly live calls for parents and students, special guest coaches - to make sure this happens. Each month we release new trainings to enrich your FAM, strengthening and expanding the skill sets in your home.

  • How much does this cost?

    Your family can subscribe to our FAM for $125.00/month with a 12-month subscription.

  • My kids have no school work because of COVID-19. Can I still use the FAM?

    YES! Our model integrates directly with school work, though all trainings are anchored in the logic of learning and skill-building - they can be used in diverse contexts including but not limited to temporary online curriculum, personal growth projects, standardized test prep, and college research and applications. Aside from student usage, many parents tell us that they use the trainings in their own goal setting, time management, professional performance etc.

  • What skills do you build?

    The Komo Core 5 are critical thinking, communication, time management, executive functioning and metacognition. Being able to understand and use each of these is essential to becoming an expert learner, and doing/feeling your best in academic, personal and professional contexts.

  • I have other questions.

    OK! Let's chat. Use this link to book a call to speak FAM Founder Kelsey Komorowski or a member of her team:

Chief Skill-Builder

FAM Founder

Kelsey Komorowski

✅16 years as an educator, working with students from middle school to graduate studies in competitive programs all over the world, including IB, AP, Magnet, Charter and more.

✅‘Super tutor’ to (U)HNW clients and skilled at helping students perform their best on standardized tests including SSAT, SAT, ACT and GRE.

✅20,000+ hours working intensively with parents, students, teachers and families.

✅$100k+ in scholarships/awards.

✅1.5 years at the Ministry of Education (Student Achievement Division).

✅Background supporting students with assorted learning differences, including ADHD, hearing impairments, and varied language, visual, spatial and speed processing difficulties.

✅Founded Komo Consulting and created the first-of-its-kind FAM, leading parents and their kids through their own skill-building journeys while making school (and life!) easier.

✅Loves her German Shepherd, hot yoga, cheese, hikes, family time, and card games (not necessarily in that order).

Do you want your child to learn (and eventually earn) to their potential?